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Compounding is the process of mixing different chemicals to make a unique patient-based medication for that individual. Have you ever baked a cake? No matter how many times you choose to bake it, you will get a different result each time. Compounding is like that cake in that it is unique according to the patient or doctor's specific requirements. This practice is commonly used when many patients are allergic to certain substances (e.g., casein, soy, dyes, sugar, gluten, lactose, alcohol, preservatives).  Oftentimes  medications are compounded for patients with dietary considerations (e.g., vegan, gluten-free, etc). Compounding also gives patients the opportunity to sample  treatments that are not readily available to consumers.

Reasons to Use a Compounding Pharmacy

  • When required medications unavailable, discontinued or low in stock from pharmaceutical companies
  • When the patient is allergic to certain preservatives, dyes, or binders in available off-the-shelf medications
  • When treatment requires tailored dosage strengths
  • When a pharmacist can combine several medications to increase compliance and reduce side effects
  • When a patient cannot take the medication in its commercially available form
  • When medications require flavor additives to make them more palatable