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Welcome to Crescent Compounding Pharmacy

We are a family-owned compounding pharmacy based in Los Angeles. Let us make a difference in your life. We work with your provider to customize your medication therapies to meet your every need.

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We start with the best chemical ingredients, which we then use to create formulas that surpass any others in the market today. We are approved by quality assurance inspectors, sparing no expense when it comes to putting your safety first.

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Purchase specialty products from our online selection. We have curated a variety of cosmetics, supplements, and supplies based on the needs of our customers. If there is something you do not see on our website that you would like to purchase, let us know. There is something for everyone.

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LaClaire® Ultra Clarifying Cleanser

Try our ultra clarifying cleanser available now in our online store! You will feel and see the difference between your at-home face wash versus our featured product.

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Our ingredients are carefully selected and precisely measured with a unique touch that can only be afforded by 20 years of experience. This sets us apart from our competitors offering our patients and doctors reliable and scientifically proven alternatives to conventional medicine.


Our bases are carefully chosen from results of absorption, interaction, and stability studies. This ensures that our products meet all criteria at every step in the process. We aim to provide only the highest quality products that patients and doctors alike can depend on.


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Excellent customer service and fast deliveries. They really value their patients.