At Ease Compact Shields
Our Price: $43.50
The Roscoe Extra Wide Bariatric Wheelchair features a robust design to accommodate patients with a wider seat and higher weight capacity requirement. At Ease® Compact Shields for light to medium bladder control protection. Excellent as male guard. With a low height of only nine and one half inches, the Roscoe Full-Electric Low Bed offers added peace of mind by preventing injury due to patient
K1-Lite Wheelchair
Adjustable Transfer Bench
Our Price $69.55 Price Match Offer
K1-Lite Wheelchair
Our Price: $337.50
Per-Fit Pull Up Underwear
Our Price: $43.23
Transfer Benches provide safety and comfort for patient transfers in and out of the bathtub. The Roscoe K1-Lite is designed to meet your fundamental wheelchair needs at an affordable price. Standard features include a durable powder-coated finish and padded nylon upholstery. Super absorbent protective pull-on underwear´╗┐